The Beginning of the Journey in 3 Steps

The Beginning of the Journey in 3 Steps

Hello!  I am on a new journey and I would like you to come along for the ride.  Hopefully, the ride will be meaningful for you too!

My nest is now empty and my husband and I are starting a new–and different–chapter in our lives.  The chaos of a busy house is gone. We were so used to the noises a family makes: doors opening and closing, things moving around, people coming and going, garage-open, close, open, close. The dogs barking whenever one of us came home. Lights left on and sometimes even doors left unlocked in our rush of everyday life!  

Even the dogs are confused by the sudden quiet and emptiness in the house.  

The constant cooking and search for food has slowed down, the laundry is less (hooray!) and new patterns of life are evolving.

It’s kind of like a science experiment with no teacher in the front of the classroom to lead the way.

But some interesting things are taking place as well…we have more time and space. Ideas we have put on the shelf for many years are starting to come back to life. And while we are unsure what to do next…I have identified 3 things that you should do when your nest becomes empty:

  1. Give yourself permission to grieve.  It is a loss when the kids move out of the house. Not the permanent loss of death but an ending nonetheless.  Even though you know you will see your kids again–things will never be the same.  And I mean that in a good way! Your kids are doing what you trained them and expected them to do–spreading their wings and becoming independent.  And so….
  2. Give yourself permission to celebrate.  It is a wonderful thing that the kids feel strong enough in themselves to want to go out in the world and explore it!  You did a good job!  Celebrate the courage it took them to take this step and the courage it took you to let them!
  3. Begin to formulate THE PLAN.  The plan is the rest of your life. It can mean a great many different things and they are all exciting!

In this phase of your life you can create the future you want knowing that having gotten here was a major accomplishment and that there is so much more to come!

I hope you will join me as we create this new life in a faster, better and smarter way–for a future filled with memorable experiences!

Visit my Facebook page to join this group! And Congratulations on the Empty Nest!  We have made it this far–let’s continue the journey together!