A Flight of Fancy

A Flight of Fancy

While in Pensacola, Florida last summer we did one of my favorite things!  We went to the museum!  I love museums–but there is one in Pensacola that is one of my favorites!

The National Naval Aviation Museum is one of the best military museums I have ever seen.  I had visited it once before–over 10 years ago–and this time around it was even better than I had remembered.

It chronicles the history of Naval Aviation and has many beautiful restored airplanes on display, as well as cockpit simulators you can get into, and a giant screen theater that shows breathtaking movies about the magic of flight and combat missions from our history.

A whole other part of the museum has exhibits of the Apollo Space Program which has always captured my imagination as well. And all are free to the public at the Naval Air Station in Pensacola.

We had two wonderful treats while at the museum.  The first was a gentleman who is a retired Lieutenant Commander of the Navy who stopped to talk to us about the airplanes we were looking at from WWI.  

He told us all about the planes and the pilots and the challenges of flying in combat during this time. He told beautiful stories of our heroes and the death defying feats they performed and the planes that brought them home.

The second treat is that the very next day the Blue Angels would be doing their practice show and the public was welcome to come and watch!

Of course, we returned the next day to watch the amazing and terrifying acrobatics these brave pilots perform at amazing speeds and at very close proximity to each other. It was truly awe inspiring and I caught myself holding my breath more than once as they practiced their maneuvers.

Those young pilots practice and hone their skills to be the best in the world!  And their pride shows when, after the show, they sign autographs, take pictures and talk to the people they serve, protect and honor with their very lives.

Just thinking about the experience now brings the excitement of that day back and puts a smile on my face!  Go Navy!

Has there been a day when you experience the exhilaration of watching our military performing at their best?  Don’t forget to thank an enlisted person or a Veteran–it is their sacrifice that keeps us free!

Comment below!  And have fun today!


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