The End of January

The End of January

I cannot believe how quickly January has passed!  Today is the last day of January and I am so proud because so far I have kept my promises to myself.

If you read my post on my New Year’s Resolutions you know I kept it simple this year in that I tried to be true to my own needs and wants.  Basically I want to be the healthiest I can be and to get organized.

I don’t just mean organizing my closets, I mean organizing my LIFE to have more space, time, money and happiness.  So far, 30 days in I’m getting the job done.

What’s different this year? I found a reason behind making my resolutions.  And my reasons are purely selfish ones. Not selfish in the sense that they would hurt anyone else, but when thinking what I wanted to change in my life I concentrated purely on myself.

I wanted to make changes that I could measure–and not in pounds but in outcomes. And I accepted the fact that changes in one part of my life would create changes in other parts of my life.

I am doing the things I love: Reading, writing, learning new things, relaxing in the life I have created and enjoying my family and friends. I am also discovering things about myself and all those around me.

Getting healthier has been quite a learning experience.  I am learning all about nutrition and exercise–something that has interested me for a long time–and learning options for healthier living.

Decluttering my house has been a journey of really finding the things that I truly use and love to surround me at home and in making these changes it has made me feel lighter and free.

These small changes have already made an impact in my life.  I have noticed that as I have become healthier in body and home my spirit is also becoming healthier.  I no longer accept people around me with a negative attitude. And It happened quite by accident.

A person I work with began with her daily litany of complaints and I simply smiled at her and walked away. It was very nice not to have to hear about her views of what is wrong in her world. After all it’s not my world.  My world is looking quite rosy!

So today at the end of January, although the days may pass quickly let’s plan to enjoy each one of the them! I hope your New Year’s Resolutions or any changes you want to make in your life are going strong. Don’t give up! Your best life is in front of you!

What changes are you making in 2018 to make your life healthier and better? How are you overcoming roadblocks to your happiness? Post a comment below!

Have a great day and have fun!

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