Tobacco–Rewriting History

Tobacco–Rewriting History

There is nothing worse in revisionist history than the current generation trying to rewrite the past to meet their social sensibilities.  Some of these things are so ridiculous that it makes me laugh but when I came across the following I was seriously worried about the direction our world is going.

You are not going to believe this one.  Apparently, there is at least one museum in London in which pictures of Winston Churchill have been digitally modified to remove his cigar.  Wait what?  His cigar?  And more importantly why would anyone care?

Winston Churchill is one of the great men in history that we can thank for helping remove the scourge that was Hitler and the Nazi party during World War II.  He was a strong statesman, an inclusive partner on the world stage, a promoter of capitalistic ideals and the freedoms of people–not just the British people–but all people.

He smoked a cigar. Everyday and all day long. It was his trademark, if you will.  And now someone who finds tobacco offensive is trying to remove it from Mr. Churchill’s persona.

It seems that some folks–who feel that smoking cigars are bad for your health–want to “promote” healthier living by changing the truth.

I don’t know who you are–but I have a message for you.  Tobacco is not offensive.  If you find a cigar offensive–then don’t buy them and don’t smoke them.  You can even go farther–don’t associate with people who like cigars.

But for the love of Pete–don’t change the historical pictures of great men because you find their socially acceptable habits offensive.

Here’s a short lesson–tobacco was brought to the new world from Great Britain.  In the wonderful soil of Virginia tobacco was a huge economic boon for the mercantilist economy of the mother country–Great Britain.

The colonists made a lot of money on tobacco–but Great Britain made even more.  Smoking cigars was popular then, especially among elites, and are still popular now–by people who enjoy them.

Both countries benefited from these economic gains–giving them the money to continue protecting the world against tyranny for over 200 years.  To me it is a symbol of success.

Winston Churchill obviously enjoyed it–and changing the fact that he smoked cigars–will not help “promote” anything in today’s world.

So please, stop trying to change history–if you want to do something positive–try working for the future by being truthful and standing up for freedom. I hope you put that in your pipe and well… know.

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