Another Halloween has arrived. And this day filled with tradition is being fought over in a way I don’t ever remember hearing about before.

Some people are batty (pun intended) to abolish the holiday because the argument goes: Halloween is evil, it promotes worship of the devil and is the secular version of the wicca day of samhain.

On the other side of the argument people feel Halloween is a festive opportunity to dress up, throw parties and enjoy the camaraderie with friends, neighbors and family.

What stands out to me is that this is just another topic to have an argument about and pick sides for!

Here is what I suggest we do about Halloween:

If you don’t want to celebrate Halloween, participate in the dressing up and the giving of candy to trick or treaters–don’t.

Don’t call it Halloween, call it Wednesday. Go about your normal day and turn your porch light off so kids don’t ring your bell.

If someone happens to ring your bell or knock on your door- feel free to ignore it. The door belongs to you, after all, and you are under no obligation to open it.

However, if you are a big Halloween person–enjoy it! Decorate, dress up and give out all the candy you want.

While you are enjoying it, you don’t have to worry about the folks that don’t want to participate.

It is none of our business what our neighbors do or think about this day–and it is not worth the argument or the taking of sides.

As for me, I have never been a big Halloween person. But when my girls were little we did dress up and go trick or treating, we gave out candy and we enjoyed the outside time with our neighbors.

When the kids outgrew it, we ordered pizza, gave out candy some years and not on other years. It was never a thing.

And that is my point–don’t make it a thing. In these times of so much division do we have to take sides on this as well?

In the very sage words of Linus, Charlie Brown’s best friend: “There are three things I’ve learned never to discuss with people: religion, politics, and the Great Pumpkin.”

Happy Wednesday!

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