Goals Reached

Goals Reached

When I first started this blog it was to meet head on some life goals I wanted to reach.

My main goal was to be a published writer.

Another was to conquer my fear of all the new technology that continues to evolve in our world.

And yet another was to find a place where my thoughts and hopes and dreams were relevant. Especially as I was facing the Empty Nest and the end of my job as an active everyday parent.

I think one of the biggest fears we have as we grow older is that no one will need us anymore. I have discovered in these last 18 months that that will never be true.

My kids will always need me and I will always need them just like I will and still need my parents, and husband and sister and everyone important in my life. And the new generation, with the birth of our first grandchild, will continue the cycle.

And so I have come full circle–so this will be my last post on this blog. Although I doubt it will be the last time I write–now that I am a published writer!

Goals reached are a closing of one door and the opening of another where new goals live to be reached someday…

In my next incarnation I think I will be more active politically to help preserve this country I love so much…although I will continue to work hard to reach our goals of retirement, travel and family.

I have to say I owe this whole journey to one person that has always supported me, encouraged me, argued with me and made me stronger by making me think.

A person who always motivated me to pursue my goals, however difficult or improbable and no matter what the odds. This person also picked me up when I would fall and would spur me on to keep moving forward in my life.

It is because of this person that I reach my goals and continue making new ones.

And he has always been my biggest fan!

So while this is my last post on Empty Nest Savvy, it is certainly not the last goal I plan to reach…

Thanks Dad!

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