Thank you for joining me on this new journey!  To tell you a little bit more about me let me just say that I am many things–a wife and mother of a new empty nest, I am a teacher, an avid reader, a craft-er, master organizer, and creator of Empty Nest Savvy–just to name a few.  

I live in the Coastal Bend of Texas and am a traveler at heart!  I would love to travel this great country and someday all around the world!  But another thing I am is a down home ordinary person trying to always be better!  I live day to day dreaming and planning for my next adventure.

Sometimes that may be a big vacation with the family, getting through the holiday shopping, or picking up the next relaxing read that will transport me to another place and time!

No matter what my next adventure is I always look for and often find the best way (and also the cheapest!) way to do it!

My tips and tricks will help you create the future you want as I am creating mine–faster, better and smarter–I hope you come along for the ride!