Speaking Victory

Speaking Victory

There is a Christian tenet of speaking victory over people or situations. I don’t mean speaking about victories–like celebrating goals or achievements that have been reached.

I’m talking about speaking–verbally and out load–positive outcomes, encouraging ideas and blessings to those around us as well as ourselves.

I had never really thought about it in this way–although I have known about this concept for most of my life.

And it is a concept that when put into practice works.

Think about this–when we are happy and we talk about it–usually other good things begin happening.

When we complain and dwell on problems, sickness or bad fortune–and those complaints come out of our mouths–things usually continue on a negative trajectory.

But more importantly when we speak victory over others it can many times change the life path for those individuals.

Here is how to do it. First you need to understand that life is fluid and ever changing.

Second, you need to believe that because life is ever changing we should be open to the fact that anyone is capable of anything.

And then thirdly, you share these beliefs with those you are speaking victory over.

For example, speak victory over your children by telling them, truthfully, that there is nothing that can stop them from accomplishing what they want in life.

Speak victory over your marriage by sharing with your significant other the things you appreciate about them. Thank them for their caring, hard work and understanding.

Tell friends positive attributes you like about them and how it has influenced your life. As you do this their victory will manifest in more positive attributes.

Speak victory over people who may be struggling and it just might give them a different outlook to their future.

And speak victory over yourself and you will soon see that all you need will find itself into your life just when you need it.

Use your words for good–Speak Victory.

Getting the Ball Rolling on the Decluttering Journey

Getting the Ball Rolling on the Decluttering Journey

I have really started going through things in my house and feel so relieved to be decluttering. Yes relieved!

Even though my husband and I have done a very good job of paring down each year and make a real effort to not purchase or keep things we don’t use, we still have managed, year after year, to fill up our house with stuff.

Our house is not completely overloaded–but at the same time too much clutter everywhere does seem to add to the stress of living.

What I have found is that it is much harder and more time consuming than I had expected.  And after reading many articles and blogs about decluttering–I am not alone!

I know that there are many levels of decluttering.  From minimalism (wow–I really love their commitment to the movement and the ideas behind it!) to downsizing to Hygge! I decided I am a more a “Spring Cleaning” type of declutterer.

At the same time, I’m not just cleaning.  I am really thinking about what we have, what we really want to keep and why. I want to have more space, not to have room to get more stuff–but just to lighten my load a bit upon this world.

One article I found especially helpful is one from liveasyouliveit.blogspot.com writer Kaylie.  She created a free download entitled: 30 Days of Decluttering and I have found it fabulous.

In it, Kaylie provides 30 suggestions on things to declutter in a month.  It is not only really doable, it really motivates you to get the ball rolling on decluttering and keep it going until your home is exactly how you want it.

One thing I would add that is important to me: As I started decluttering (and I don’t feel I have gotten really going yet!) I found that I had a great deal of excess stuff that was in the “lets get this out of the house” pile.  

Some things I have set aside for a garage sale, (or to sell online–my neighborhood has a great Facebook page where you can post items for sale).  For example, I have a set of crystal wine glasses that I have had for over 15 years and have used maybe twice!

Anything that was broken, damaged, dangerous or worn out I immediately put in trash bags and in the bin. Recyclable stuff went directly in the recycle bin to go out in the next pick up.

But there are things that are still useful like clothes and shoes, household items etc. that just needed to find a good home. Please consider, when you come across those items, to not immediately throw them away but give them to a charity.

We live in a very disposable society–but there are many people not as blessed as we are!

Goodwill, The Salvation Army and churches (as well as other charitable organizations) will all take your items thankfully and  give you a tax receipt. But I have also found it very fulfilling to know that perhaps my gently used items will help another person down the line.

Meanwhile, I have lightened my load a little- but I know I have a long way to go!  Getting the ball rolling has put me on the path to building the life I want faster, better and smarter!  I hope your decluttering journey is going well too!

Please share with me some of your tips and thoughts about decluttering and how it has made you feel. Please comment below!

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