Digitized Organization–One Bit at a Time

Digitized Organization–One Bit at a Time

In my last post I challenged myself (and you too, if you take the challenge) to organizing my whole life. Not for the sake of reorganizing everything but to evaluate my productively in the things that really matter to me.

When I posed the challenge and then started brainstorming I realized that I would not be able to get all my ideas, thoughts and yearnings in one post.

I will probably not be able to do this in less than 6 posts–but since being organized and productive is one of my passions I am willing to put in the work.

Picking the first thing to organize was not easy but became obvious–technology.  Everything we do today uses some form of technology–at least in my world–and so let’s begin.

Organizing your technology means taking (and keeping) control of it-not letting it control you.

My laptop, and by extension my phone, is my world–I use it for work, for home and for my hobbies.

It is how I communicate, shop, learn and am creative.  So my computer files and documents, not to mention all my digital pictures are on it–or more accurately it is where I access all these things.

In order to keep all these documents, I created a Google Drive account and transferred all my files there.  This is very easily done or any other cloud storage and sharing service will work for this purpose.

The main plus side of using a cloud storage service is that all your files are automatically backed up in the “cloud”.  If your device is compromised or is broken your files are safe.

However, for all your files to be safe you have to move them to the cloud.

These are the steps I take to do this are:

  1. Set aside a specific time and date to do this each week like an appointment.
  2. Include a set duration of time, for example 45 minutes.
  3. During that time–transfer all the files you want to keep from your devices to the cloud.
  4. Delete transferred documents from device (remember to empty your recycle bin)
  5. Once in the cloud, organize your documents into folders.
  6. When your allotted time runs out–stop.

Do this each week until all your electronic files are organized the way you want them. Over time you may be able to do complete this task in less time or need to complete this task less often.

Documents in your cloud can be kept or deleted as needed over time and you can reorganize them anytime, the important part is that your documents will not be lost.

As our world becomes more and more digitized, it is important to get organized and have a system for staying that way. This is the first way to organize your life and one that can have a big impact on your daily life.

Remember while you are organizing your files to take the time to enjoy the process–Have Fun with it!


The Changing Work Ethic in Cyberspace

The Changing Work Ethic in Cyberspace

As American life changes so does how we live that life.  The majority of our years are devoted to serving others and to work.

And work is changing very rapidly.  This is a very exciting time as we will be able to witness major changes in our working lives and the exchange of products and services for money, outside of the traditional brick and mortar businesses.

The internet has opened whole new worlds and ways of shopping, ordering groceries, even how we access books, magazines and newspapers.

It has also opened new opportunities for sole proprietors and small businesses to rise up out of people’s homes.

Some of the work ethics from yesterday are being left behind due to these changes. Being on time to work for example, means a whole new thing in the cyber workplace. You can literally sign in to your workplace and be “on time” and still be in your sweatpants.

So what does “having a good work ethic” mean in today’s changing world?  Some things, so far, have not changed–thankfully–and it proves to me that we live in a society that still works hard to provide a product or service that adds value to its customers.

Here is my take on the work ethic that will not get lost in cyberspace:

Integrity–the ideas of honesty and trust seems to be holding true even behind the computer screen.  For new businesses and business relationships to work consumers have to trust who they are doing business with.  When businesses promise the quality of the product, shipping times, and refund policies and follow through with them it creates customer loyalty and even better–good reviews for those businesses!

Responsibility and Quality–responsible businesses will not only make sure that the daily tasks are completed, but that they are completed in the best way possible–providing quality service for the customer but also for the employer, which many times is themselves.

For sole proprietors–this sense of responsibility is quite literally the “make it or break it” efforts taken to keep the business open and thriving. Providing quality work can mean the difference of having new and repeat customers come back to you or not.

Professionalism–being a professional and behaving as such means that you are working hard to serve others with integrity, responsibility and quality. It means that you are fair and courteous in your dealings. It is as simple as that.

It is not about wearing a power suit, impressing the right people in the organization or knowing the right buzzwords of the year that help impress those above you as well as your subordinates.

It’s completely about how much work you actually do for others, that you treat them with respect, that you set boundaries for your business but that you treat your customers and clients with fairness and with a spirit of service and dedication.

The new work ethic seems to be also making people who work in cyberspace happier because they are doing something that has meaning for them and that provides them with the satisfaction of doing a job well–without the politics or the fluff.

As you do business over the internet–whether it be shopping, receiving information for a fee, or receiving services–how has this changed your life?  What are the most important types of services for you as a customer to receive?

Enjoy this new world we live in–where goods and services are just a few clicks away–and have fun!


Decluttering the Mind, Body and Soul: Being Mindful

Decluttering the Mind, Body and Soul: Being Mindful

In my journey to create a new life, I realize that we have to remove some of the weight of the past to be able to move forward.  And my first step was to declutter the house.

So easy to say…oh my goodness but so hard to get through!  I started with all the best intention and vigor and energy.  

While I am slowly getting through (I have completed 2 closets, one bathroom and most of the kitchen–but not quite all!) I have to take breaks because both physically and emotionally decluttering can be exhausting!

Getting rid of some things is so easy!  I mean it is a no brainer to get rid of things that are broken or that we really don’t want or like.  But other things–it is an absolutely gut wrenching decision about what to do with stuff.

And I have found here recently that there are many things that are not even physical things, that we need to declutter as well!  This week I am going to do some introspection and discuss with you my mini-journey of decluttering my mind, my body and my soul.

Today I am going to tell you how to declutter your mind–or at least the steps I am taking to declutter mine.

Mark Twain is quoted as saying “Of all the Things I’ve Lost, I miss my mind the most.” I can imagine what he meant.  I am so grateful for my mind–my ability to think and read and write and plan!

Then some days I am grateful to just be able to remember why I walked into this room, to remember what I went to the market to pick up, and to remember if I locked the door when I left the house!

Today our minds are so cluttered!  We have so much technology and audio and visual stimulation that our brains are on constant overload. Add to that all the regular stuff we used to think about: birthdays, grocery lists, appointments, work, hobbies, where we left our keys…(you get the picture)…it’s just too much!

And it’s all great until the stress level is so high that our brains start to overheat, we get stress headaches, we start to feel anxious, we can’t keep track of everyday activities because we are in a brain fog.

So I am decluttering my mind.  First we got rid of cable a few months ago. (Who needs 400 channels anyway?–we don’t have time to watch them and we are saving money!)

We decided that the first 30 minutes of the day we would not check email, the news, the weather channel or any social media outlet.

At 8 pm we disconnect again–giving our brains the cue that we will soon be in bed. Computers, smartphones, smart tvs and ereaders are turned off and plugged in.

We use the quiet time to reconnect to each other, to our poor ignored dogs, and to ourselves. (The doggies really like this by the way!)

In this new life we want to build for ourselves we want to be present in the experiences we are having. All the soundbytes, likes, tweets, emails and text messages can wait. We want to be more mindful–not mind full!

So take a moment to think about what is cluttering up your mind that is keeping you from enjoying being in the present moment and enjoying some clarity.  What are the things that clutter your mind the most?

Comment below if you like!  And have a fun uncluttered day today!