Freaky Friday

Freaky Friday

One of my favorite Disney movies has always been Freaky Friday.

(Did you know there were 3 versions of the movie?)

In it, through a strange twist of fate a mother and daughter switch personalities but remain in their own bodies–forcing themselves to see their lives through the perspective of the other.

In the end, in good Disney fashion, it all ends well with mother and daughter in their own bodies and with a new appreciation of the other.

It is the type of theme that reminds us that no one is an island unto themselves. We are connected–for good or bad–to many other people, some of which we may not even realize we are connected to, and whose life we affect.

I remember this as I begin this journey in creating the life I want for myself.  

A few days ago I decided that as new year’s resolutions I should chose changes I wanted to make in my life that had a reason behind them. The ultimate reason, of course, is to live the life I want–a happy life.

And that is when things got Freaky!  Define a “happy life”! And how does your “happy life” affect or impact the “happy life” of others–especially those closest to you. Talk about Freaky!

As we think about and form what our “happy life” is, we cannot forget the others near us that do not realize what it is to walk in our shoes. Because ultimately, as Disney points out, we do not realize what it is like to walk in THEIR shoes either.

So we have to do two contradicting things at the same time.  We need to search for that thing that will bring us happiness and be selfish about it, but we must also take into account how our happiness will affect others.

That is not to say we should give up our dreams and do what others want us to do. That will not make us happy and if the people around you really care about you, they do want your happiness.

If the people around you are just takers and are not concerned with your happiness but the function you serve for them, then perhaps it’s time to take a hard look at those relationships. More freaky.

It is a matter of PERSPECTIVE after all….the what’s in it for me? thoughts and feelings.

Freakier still…this is not easy and it will take some work, but it will be so worth it in the end!

So, over the next week–I am going to go about my normal life. But I am going to be conscious at really analyzing it and discovering myself.  

I encourage you, also, to spend some time looking at your current life and to think about what your dreams are.

If you are in a marriage or committed relationship–you may want to do this exercise with that person, as most likely wherever your dreams take you so will it take your partner.

Look at the point of view of each person that is involved in this future. And see yourself in that future, surrounded by what you want, where you want, how you want things to be. And then write these things down.

You don’t have to do anything with the list right now, but it helps to have your ideas develop on paper (or in a journal or on your PC).

I am sure the things we find out about our present selves, and about what our future selves want will be beyond Freaky!  But like the end of the movie (all three, actually) it will lead us to a better beginning to the future we hope to have!

I hope you have a wonderful Freaky Friday!  

If you’d like, I’d love for you to share your thoughts on what type of future you envision or on Freaky Fridays of your own!  Please comment below.

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