Rain, Rain, Hurricane

Rain, Rain, Hurricane

This year’s hurricane season seems to be off to a roaring start.  Already there have been 3 tropical storms in the Atlantic 1 in the Pacific and 1 official hurricane to enter the Gulf of Mexico.

As I write this, a new hurricane is nearing the Eastern coast of the United States and there are two more gathering strength in the Atlantic Ocean and headed our way.

It is almost unreal to watch these climatic phenomenon on a radar because they seem so unreal–unless you happen to be in its path.

While we did get hit with a Hurricane last year (Harvey)–and we are watching carefully–for now all we have received is rain.  A lot of rain.

So while we watch and wait, I love the rain.  I love to hear the thunder and I love lightning in the sky.

I can watch the rain for hours and enjoy the quiet it brings to the house.

Rainy days are wonderful for curling up with a book.  They are good days to write, and sew and do crafting projects.  Rainy days are good days to spend time with family and with our doggies.

Watching the rain through the window is relaxing and a wonder of mother nature.  The trees seem to be smiling up to heaven as they drink the waters coming down.

And yet–I hope we are not in the path of another hurricane this year.  I worry and watch those areas that are in a hurricane’s path and the hope the people living in those areas will escape the dangers.

Hurricanes after all are major storm systems that bring not just the beautiful rain but high winds and destruction. Watching these storms is imperative and getting out of its way a smart precaution to take.

With those thoughts I spend the rainy days thankful that the climate is ever changing and without the need for man to interfere–only to enjoy.

Into Each Life a Little Rain Must Fall

Into Each Life a Little Rain Must Fall

I mean this in a good way–everything cannot be roses all the time. Into each life a little rain must fall.  And the rain has a purpose:

The rain washes us.  Sometimes we make really bad decisions and it causes a storm in our life.  

Sometimes it seems like the storm will never end–but when it does we realize that the storm and the rain that was falling was washing us.  It was taking away the dirt we had on us. It was making us shiny and new and getting us ready for the sunshine.

The rain feeds us. Many times we are running through life so fast and so hard trying to do and be everything for everyone that we forget about ourselves.

The rain is there to feed us–to give us that moment to stop, breathe and take in the nourishment that only the rain can give. The rain feeds us with hope and energy so we can keep going in this fast paced world and be able to keep doing and keep being–for ourselves.

The rain helps us break ground.  There are times in our lives when we are dormant. No matter how hard we try we just are not moving forward or getting ahead. We are stuck.

Just like with the seeds down in the ground during winter–we are sleeping.  The rain comes and softens the ground for us so that we can stretch and grow. Soon we’ll be breaking through the surface and reaching for the sky just like the plants do.

I am learning a great deal about myself this year and how I have arrived at this place. There have been rain showers in my life–sometimes drizzle, sometimes howling, blowing, tear down thunderstorms. All have been necessary, although at the time I thought I could have done without the rain.

Each storm has taught me a lesson and it has made me the perfect imperfect person that I am–searching to do things better.

Most of all I have learned that I would not be who I am without the rain.

So into each life a little rain must fall and fall it will. Let it.


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