Decluttering the Mind, Body and Soul: Being Mindful

Decluttering the Mind, Body and Soul: Being Mindful

In my journey to create a new life, I realize that we have to remove some of the weight of the past to be able to move forward.  And my first step was to declutter the house.

So easy to say…oh my goodness but so hard to get through!  I started with all the best intention and vigor and energy.  

While I am slowly getting through (I have completed 2 closets, one bathroom and most of the kitchen–but not quite all!) I have to take breaks because both physically and emotionally decluttering can be exhausting!

Getting rid of some things is so easy!  I mean it is a no brainer to get rid of things that are broken or that we really don’t want or like.  But other things–it is an absolutely gut wrenching decision about what to do with stuff.

And I have found here recently that there are many things that are not even physical things, that we need to declutter as well!  This week I am going to do some introspection and discuss with you my mini-journey of decluttering my mind, my body and my soul.

Today I am going to tell you how to declutter your mind–or at least the steps I am taking to declutter mine.

Mark Twain is quoted as saying “Of all the Things I’ve Lost, I miss my mind the most.” I can imagine what he meant.  I am so grateful for my mind–my ability to think and read and write and plan!

Then some days I am grateful to just be able to remember why I walked into this room, to remember what I went to the market to pick up, and to remember if I locked the door when I left the house!

Today our minds are so cluttered!  We have so much technology and audio and visual stimulation that our brains are on constant overload. Add to that all the regular stuff we used to think about: birthdays, grocery lists, appointments, work, hobbies, where we left our keys…(you get the picture)…it’s just too much!

And it’s all great until the stress level is so high that our brains start to overheat, we get stress headaches, we start to feel anxious, we can’t keep track of everyday activities because we are in a brain fog.

So I am decluttering my mind.  First we got rid of cable a few months ago. (Who needs 400 channels anyway?–we don’t have time to watch them and we are saving money!)

We decided that the first 30 minutes of the day we would not check email, the news, the weather channel or any social media outlet.

At 8 pm we disconnect again–giving our brains the cue that we will soon be in bed. Computers, smartphones, smart tvs and ereaders are turned off and plugged in.

We use the quiet time to reconnect to each other, to our poor ignored dogs, and to ourselves. (The doggies really like this by the way!)

In this new life we want to build for ourselves we want to be present in the experiences we are having. All the soundbytes, likes, tweets, emails and text messages can wait. We want to be more mindful–not mind full!

So take a moment to think about what is cluttering up your mind that is keeping you from enjoying being in the present moment and enjoying some clarity.  What are the things that clutter your mind the most?

Comment below if you like!  And have a fun uncluttered day today!