For This I Am Thankful

For This I Am Thankful

There is nothing like getting older to really put your life in perspective and to show you how to be humble, grateful and thankful for all we have.

And there is no better time than Thanksgiving to reflect and share those thoughts with others.

I am thankful for my family. My mom and dad who gave me life, good examples, education and purpose. My sister, who is not just family but my trusted friend. My husband who travels this journey with me as confidant, companion, friend and champion. Our daughters who have taught us the importance of living. My nieces and nephews that renew my motherhood. And all the other family members and friends who have added to my development and joy to be who I am today.

I am thankful to be an American, to live in a country that is free, strong and prosperous. A country in which we have a right to our lives, our liberty and to pursue our individual happiness.

I am thankful to all our military, past and present, who are willing to lay their life down to preserve the values of our founding fathers and keep our way of life alive.

And I am thankful for God who made all of this possible.

Wherever you are and whoever you are with–Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

Labor Day

Labor Day

A holiday for the American worker, Labor Day is celebrated to praise the working man –and woman.

It is the unofficial end of summer and a tribute to everyone who works to help keep this great country running.

These are just a few things I am thankful for on this day:

I am thankful that I come from several generations of hard workers, who taught me to have a work ethic.

I am thankful that my husband also has a strong work ethic and always puts his family first.

I am thankful that our daughters are also hard workers.

I am thankful that this is a country in which you can get ahead and live a good life–thanks to the past workers.

So on this Labor Day I want to say Thank You to everyone who puts in an honest days work and help keep America able to celebrate.

Happy Labor Day 2018!